Analogue room thermostats vs modern digital room thermostats

If your heating controls are out of date they may be wasting energy and probably won’t be keeping your home as comfortable and as it could be. As a homeowner you might not notice these issues, but they will be wasting you money in the long run.

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Old analogue room thermostats

Setting a desired temperature is only as precise as the dial markings allow

Over the years mechanical thermostats can lose accuracy due to wear and tear of moving parts

Numbers on the dial become worn so it’s difficult to set exact temperatures

Mechanical thermostats don’t provide information about the actual room temperature

Mechanical thermostats won’t let you quickly and easily adjust your heating settings

Old vs New

New digital room thermostat


Digital thermostats use an accurate electronic sensor to measure actual temperature

With no moving parts, measurement stays accurate for the product's lifetime

Temperature can be adjusted in 0.5°C increments for greater accuracy

Numerical programming gives greater precision – the heating turns on and off at the temperatures set

Modern controls can display the actual temperature of the room

A 5°C frost protection setting kicks in when the OFF button is pressed

ECO features save time by reducing temperature for a planned period – at the touch of a button


10 reasons why you should replace old heating controls

Do you have an old mechanical room thermostat? How can you be sure it’s giving you the accurate temperature control you need to keep your home comfortably heated and energy efficient?

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Features of modern heating controls

Digital controls provide time- temperature- and cost-saving shortcuts to help you quickly and easily adjust temperatures levels for a certain number of hours or days, without interfering with the main programme settings.

Find out more, watch these short animations to find out what modern controls can do for you.

Holiday button

holiday button

The Holiday button, the one button holiday heating solution

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Eco button

eco button

The ECO button allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature and save energy

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Day off button

off button

At home all day? No problem, with the Day Off button every day can be a Sunday

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Party button

party button

Create the right atmosphere for the perfect party

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Extra hour button

extra hour button

Extra time and extra comfort at the touch of a button

Watch the video

Override button

override button

Switch heating on or off without altering the programme

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Once mode button

once mode button

Choose this mode if you’re working from home for the day

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Wireless heating controls

Designed to keep your home comfortable and your décor intact, easy-to-install wireless controls will help you to reduce household energy consumption and increase central heating efficiency.

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What is Optimisation?

The time taken to heat your home varies throughout the year due to many variables. Optimisation is an energy-efficient function that increases accuracy and fires the boiler as late as possible in order to reach your chosen room temperature at the right time; optimising your comfort and energy costs.

What is Zoning?

By creating different heating zones in your home, for example upstairs/downstairs, you can effectively heat different areas as and when you use them, reducing overall energy consumption and increasing comfort.

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Zoning box

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